October 2020 Trestle Board

October 2020 Trestle Board

October 11, 2020 Uncategorized 0

        First off, I’d like to welcome our newest Master Masons:  Bros. Jim Taromina, Jeromie Garland, and Greg Stroud.    

        Secondly, I want to thank all the brethren who helped with the One Day Conferral this past Saturday:  Wor. Bro. Tim Lewis, Wor. Bro. Michael Beal, Bro. Huey Allen, and Bro. Jeff Martin.

        It was a pretty long and uncomfortable day, but the candidates, mentors, and degree participants made the best of the situation and represented your Lodge well.

        It’s nice to be able to report that your Lodge is growing.  Between these new brethren and a couple of transfers earlier this year, we are making progress.   

        Even more importantly than just the number of the membership rolls, there’s an interest and excitement growing in our Lodge.   And I’m asking each you to be a part of it.  

        My #1 goal for this year was to get this Lodge active in the community.  While that’s been put on hold for a while, it’s still my goal for next year.  But to really make a difference will take more than a handful of active brethren.  It will take all 80+ brothers working together and supporting each other as a fraternity.

       I also have a few open positions coming up next year that still need to be filled.  So if you’re willing to take on some responsibilities for 2021, please let me know.

  The Stated Communication is this Monday,  October 12th at 7:30 PM.  I invite you to come.

        Here’s what’s going on at the Lodge: 

        We’re going forward with replacing the parts of the upstairs oil furnace.   While that’s not the optimal solution, it is the most cost-efficient.   On the bright side, we should still be able to afford adding air conditioning to the first floor.      

        The pews in the Lodge have been cut.  Thanks to Bro. Jeff Martin for helping me get that done.  (Actually, he did most of the work while I assisted him.)

        We have dozens of old theater chairs in the fellowship room.   The historic society will be taking some of them, but not all.  So if you are interested in any of these chairs, please contact me soon.  We will be getting rid of the rest in the near future.

        We have one active petition to vote on this month.

        Our next practice is next Monday, 10/19 at 7:00 PM.  Whether you are an officer, a new member, or an existing member interested in helping out, you’re invited to come.  

        As a reminder, here are some of the basic rules we must follow for the meeting:

  1. No dinners or refreshments in the Lodge before or after meetings.
  2. Brethren must sit 6ft apart on the sidelines. 
  3. There is to be no touching or standing in close proximity.  
  4. Wearing a mask is encouraged, but optional. 
  5. If you do not feel comfortable coming to the Lodge, please stay home — especially if you or a loved one is a high-risk candidate.
  6. If you have any symptoms – even if you think it’s allergies – please do not attend the meeting. 

       Finally, brethren, I’ve heard from quite a few of our inactive members that they’ve lost interest over time because we didn’t do enough as a Lodge.  It is my deepest desire to change that impression.  But in order to succeed, I need brethren who are willing to volunteer and take on responsibilities. 

        We are a Lodge filled with over 80 of the best men I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.  With your active help and support, the Lodge can be a true beacon of light in our community.

       See you at Monday’s meeting!