July 2023 Trestle Board

July 2023 Trestle Board

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Faithful Brethren of Kilwinning Crosse 2-237

 We find ourselves marching along in the year…we have definitely entered the dog days of summer, but it does have its upside. I had an occasion to drive out to Winchester this past Saturday, and on the way back I took the backroads. Having been raised in a largely agricultural region of Louisiana, I do appreciate the sight of brilliantly green rows upon rows of corn and soybean crops…and the smell of freshly cut hay! Yep, I am odd in that way. Reminds me of a simpler life and time. We tend to get so caught up in the daily necessities of life, that we sometimes forget to “stop and smell the hay”. There will come a time when that may not be possible…enjoy this side at every opportunity. Love God, love your families, love your neighbors…and of course, love yourself. We were all meant for a greater purpose…search vigilantly to find that purpose.

The progress with our three candidates are progressing well, and I have no doubt they will successfully complete the proficiency examinations and receive their dues cards in August, on plan. Going through discussions related to the proficiency has taught me as much as they; its always a blessing for me to talk masonry in all its fullness. I always learn something new, and see the obvious from a different perspective. Please take the time to get to know them while they are in the lodge, as they are great guys. As is the entirety of this lodge. I am constantly amazed at the close fraternal relationships and fraternal bonds we have developed over the years, and I know it will only continue to strengthen.

For July and August, please feel free to wear a lodge shirt or other business dress apparel during this warmer time of the year. Speaking of August, Worshipful Andrew will provide a discussion on the Shriners. I look forward to his presentation. Also, I am continually on the hunt for any opportunities of community involvement. Let’s discuss possibilities for involvement in this years Fall Harvest Festival; it could be something as simple as a tent shade placed over the front of the lodge, with meet and greet, and an opportunity to provide a tour of the lodge, history of the lodge, and introduce ourselves to potential masons!!

The next District Ritual School will be held Tuesday, July 25, 7pm at Fredericksburg Lodge #4. We continue to practice exemplification of  the Master Mason degree at the Kinsale Masonic Lodge in the next coming months. The school is a great opportunity to sharpen our ritual skills and build relationships across the many lodges in District 8. Please plan on attending if within the length of your cable tow.

Finally Brethren, please join us for the evening meal prior to Stated. Dinner meal will consist of a smoked country ribs along with a selection of side dishes. Come out early for a great evening; dinner starts at 6:30 pm.

And always remember…in your moments of prayer, remember our country, our families, and our sick and distressed.

Upcoming Events:
July 25, 2023, 7:00 PM – District Ritual School; Fredericksburg Lodge #4

July Masonic Birthdays
Brother Arthur Whittaker July 29, 1974                   49 Years
Brother Roger Pitts July 15, 1985                   38 Years
Brother Ernest Young July 19, 1999                   24 Years
Worshipful Joseph Pack                        July 12, 2006                   17 Years
Right Worshipful Charles Deremer    July 23, 2009                   14 Years
Brother Steven Walker                 July 23, 2009                   14 Years
Brother James Satterwhite           July 17, 2017                   6 Years 

Finally, brethren, I have added a short summary of history and responsibilities of the Fellow Craft degree, as an aide for our new brethren, as well a reminder for us all, the great light we receive in Masonry.

May the God of peace and love delight to dwell with, and bless you.

Huey Allen
WM, Kilwinning Crosse 2-237


– Source: Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

 The second degree of Freemasonry in all the Rites is that of the Fellow Craft. In French it is called Gompagnon; in Spanish, Gompahero; in Italian, Compagno; and in German, Gesell; in all of which the radical meaning of the word is a fellow workman, thus showing the origin of the title from an operative institution.

Like the degree of Apprentice, it is only preparatory to the higher initiation of the Master; and yet it differs essentially from it in its symbolism. For, as the first degree was typical of youth, the second is supposed to represent the stage of manhood, and hence the acquisition of science is made its prominent characteristic. While the former is directed in all its symbols and allegorical ceremonies to the purification of the heart, the latter is intended by its lessons to cultivate the reasoning faculties and improve the intellectual powers.

Before the eighteenth century, the great body of the Fraternity consisted of Fellow Crafts, who are designated in all the old manuscripts as “Fellows.” After the revival in 1717, the Fellow Crafts, who then first began to be called by that name, lost their prominent position, and the great body of the brotherhood was, for a long time, made up altogether of Apprentices, while the government of the Institution was committed to the Masters and Fellows, both of whom were made only in the Grand Lodge until 1725, when the regulation was repealed, and subordinate Lodges were permitted to confer these two degrees.

Tools are an important part of any work. The twenty-four-inch gauge and gavel are bestowed upon the Entered Apprentice because these are the implements used in the quarries in hewing the stones and fitting them for the builders use, an occupation which, for its simplicity, is properly suited to the unskilled apprentice.

Yet the square, level, and plumb are employed in the still further preparation of these stones and in adjusting them to their proper positions. This is the labor of the craftsmen, and hence to the Fellow Craft are they presented.