Resources and References

Information on Kilwinning Crosse is aggregated from various sources and an ongoing project conducted by the brethren and friends of the lodge.

Hidden Village by Ralph Emmett Fall

…is a text written about the properties found in Port Royal from 1744-1981.  References to Kilwinning Port Royal Crosse can be found throughout the text, due to the crucial role the lodge played in the foundation of the region, but specific mention of the lodge can be found in pages 380-383.  This text can be purchased on Amazon for $32.95 or from the Port Royal Museum of American History for $25.00.  This reference contains a robust list of references and sources.

Kilwinning Crosse Lodge Number 2-237 by Most Worshipful James Noah Hillman

…is a text authored in 1955 by Past Most Worshipful James Noah Hillman of Virginia upon the bicentennial of the Kilwinning Crosse Lodge in Bowling Green.  The text outlines the lineal heritage of Kilwinning Crosse starting at the first recorded meeting in 1754.  It includes several images of lodge artifacts and recorded lists of past masters, secretaries, and other members of note.  Many of the stories and references for this text come from Most Worshipful Hillman’s access to the records at the Grand Lodge of Virginia.  This text is available for review and loan through the secretary of Kilwinning Crosse Lodge No. 2-237.

“The Grand Lodge of Virginia – An Early History” by Frank R. Dunaway, Jr (PM)

…is a miscellaneous talk/bulletin prepared by masonic researcher Frank R. Dunaway, Jr regarding the foundation of the Grand Lodge of Virginia.  This text contains large amounts of information regarding the role Kilwinning Port Royal Crosse played in the formation of the Grand Lodge of Virginia and mentions the names of several Kilwinning Crosse officers and representatives.  This text can be downloaded from the personal website of Jack Canard.  This work contains a bibliography of references and sources.

A History of Caroline County, Virginia by Marshall Wingfield

…is a text written in 2009 by researcher Marshall Wingfield regarding, as the title implies, the history of Caroline County.  This text contains information regarding the recovery of the original officer’s jewels and the more interesting notes within our historical by-laws.  An electronic copy of this book can be purchased from Google Books.  A hard-cover copy can be purchased from the Port Royal Museum of American History.