September 2023 Trestle Board

September 2023 Trestle Board

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Faithful Brethren of Kilwinning Crosse 2-237
Marching forward…ever marching forward…

This week I am reveling in the slow pace of southern living – visiting family in Auburn, Alabama. For college football fans, you may recognize the name as the home of Auburn University, from which my father-in-law graduated in the very year in which I was born! Umm…lets skip past that date! But it is much needed break from the fast-paced life reserved for those still working in the Northern Virginia area.

Life is indeed slower, and seemingly richer here…or maybe it’s simply the result of having stopped for a while to smell the roses…or rather here, the ever-present azaleas! Relaxing on the front porch this past week, I was truly blessed as a hummingbird flew right up and hovered for several seconds within six inches of my glasses…paused there for a moment as if to say hello, and then zipped away as only hummingbirds can do. My first thought was “Thank you God” …my second was to wonder in amazement at the rich beauty of the landscape that He has so richly provided as we journey toward the Great Veil.

Yes, life…with all its travails, has become a spiritual journey for me, and for this I have the virtuous teaching of Freemasonry to thank. Could I have learned it otherwise? Well yes, but I am convinced the fullness of the masonic brotherhood has significantly enriched the journey. I pray this fraternal brotherhood has enriched yours as well…and encourage you to share its virtues as often as God’s blessings will allow.

I have been reading The History of Royal Arch Masonry, by Turnbull and Denslow. Published in 1956, it summarizes the history of the Royal Arch Rite, its birth in the United Kingdom, and its beginnings in these United States of America while the nation was involved in the planning of its own birth. It is a great read, as in every page, it points to its rise as an integral part and extension of the Fellow Craft, as our three degree system focuses on the raising of the first Solomonic Temple, while the Royal Arch focuses on the raising of the second Solomonic Temple. From a spiritual perspective, each temple allegorically speaks to the raising of ourselves as a spiritual temple, ever reaching for perfection in His eyes. I pray you will enjoy a short introduction to the book as appended to this Trestleboard.

Lodge Desiderata
As I will be in Alabama for several more days, I will not be in attendance at the September stated, but our capable Senior Warden, Shawn Bryar, has graciously accepted the challenge as being the Worshipful Master for the evening. In addition to the normal business of the lodge, Worshipful Richard Fisher will also provide a summary of the York Rite, which I know will be thorough in its extent. As a York Rite Royal Arch companion myself – as is Worshipful Richard – I trust the teaching points will be both thorough and thoughtful.

Additionally, I have expressed a desire and believe it time for a lodge lobby refresh, and Brother Shawn has graciously taken on the task, for which he has also been planning. I am firm in my belief that the plan as discussed with him is quite complete, but nonetheless I do want the brethren to understand the plan and resultant costs involved.

And of course, finally, it is yet another opportunity to enjoy the richness of our craft, a craft practiced for these many hundreds of years now. Please enjoy the evening…I will definitely be in attendance in spirit, and will surely be in attendance physically at the October stated.

And always remember…in your moments of prayer, remember our country, our families, and our sick and distressed.

Upcoming Events:
September 16, 2023, 8:00 AM – Regional School; Westmoreland Lodge, Kinsale, Virginia

August Masonic Birthdays

Worshipful Milton GallahanSeptember 17, 198439
Right Worshipful Roger BrooksSeptember 01, 198637
Brother Robert FeldmanSeptember 11, 198934
Worshipful Andrew CoelhoSeptember 29, 200815

  May the God of peace and love delight to dwell with, and bless you.

Huey Allen
WM, Kilwinning Crosse 2-237

Everett R. Turnbull / Ray V. Denslow
December 31, 1955 
Ancient Craft Masonry has been defined, and rightfully, as that which deals with the LOSS, the RECOVERY, and the PRESERVATION of a WORD. To the Symbolic, or Craft Mason, is explained the Loss, exemplified in the degree of Master Mason. That which was lost was recovered is well explained to those who have been exalted as Royal Arch Masons. How that Word was preserved is known only to those who have been made Royal Arch Masters in the Cryptic Rite; of that we are not at this time concerned.

But just why should we be concerned with a WORD? What was so valuable about such a word as to surround it with so much mystery? And what value was such a Word if it could be obtained?

According to Dr Hensoldt:
This Lost Word, according to the ordinary conception (which is altogether erroneous), is a certain mysterious conglomeration of letters of syllables, devoid of meaning to the uninitiated, which if correctly pronounced or remembered, will enable the adept to perform miraculous feats and “understand all things”.

The Hebrews have a wonderful volume called the Kabala (or Cabala), of hidden or mysterious character, which also tells of a Word hidden within its pages, which, if rightly pronounced (or understood), will convey divine wisdom. From it we infer that it was a word of four letters; these letters have been referred to for years past as the “tetragrammaton” (the four-letter-word). It consisted of the four Hebrew letters Yod, He, Vau, He, variously translated as Jahveh, Joveh, Jehovah, or in some cases abbreviated to JOVE. The Puranas and the Zend-Avestas also refer to a similar word.

Dr Hensoldt says of the Word:
We are led to believe that the explanation of the word-enigma is an exceedingly simple one, so much so that when once the truth begins to dawn upon us we shall be seized with wonderment why we did not think of it before. A single word will furnish the key, but it is the fate of millions that this Word (or idea) never occurs to them in connection with the riddle of existence, so that they pass through life without having obtained a glimpse of the great truth on this side of the grave.

Modern students believe this idea to have been advanced first by the Egyptians, where it has been coupled with the so-called “Riddle of the Sphinx”. Later, we find the idea appearing among the Rosicrucians as the “Elixir of Life”. At any rate, the Lost Word is not a new idea. Vyasa, who lived in India more than two thousand years before our era knew of the Word, for he wrote in Sanscrit, this poem:Life’s mystery to solve: there is a Word
Which to reveal a sacred vow forbids.
Near Swarga’s Rock, in Indra’s mystic grove,
Where Jumna’s stately river winds along,
There a Sanyassee found the Magic Key
In times of old. He pierced the secret gloom
And tore the veil from Sheeva’s dreadful face. 
Would’st know the Word? Subdue thine eagerness!
Four syllables, Mark Well! Four, such as form
A Sataya in Devanagri writ.
If thou canst find it thou wilt know full well
The meaning of life’s riddle, and all else.
This Word of Words – ay, if I dared but speak!
Thou know’st it well, nay, ‘ere this very eve
Thou wilt, perchance, pronounce it listlessly,
And never guess its huge significance.

If thou would’st raise the Veil…
– Seek for the Word. 
Valentinus Berthold, writing in 1327 A.D., in speaking of the Egyptian Sphinx, says that near a marble Sphinx in Egypt there is to be found:A Stone, black, hard, and smooth, nine inches square.
On this wide earth there is no rarer gem –
For here, engraved in hieroglyphics bold,
Behold the WORD, wise Pilgrim, ay the Word,
That solves the hoary riddle of the Sphinx –
The Word that solves the Mystery of Life! 
And so it would appear that to Freemasonry is given the task of carrying on the old tradition of the Word which was Lost, in the hope that future generations may discover it.

After all, it is probably not a word of a few syllables; its secret is not in any method of pronunciation; it is undoubtedly the secret of the Mystery of Life, a Mystery which can be solved only by those who pass the outer veils of this earthly court, and who are permitted to enter the Great White Veil where the Riddle of the Universe, the Secret of Life, will be revealed to those who have labored in this world to obtain it.

In the meantime, it is our duty as Freemasons to carry on the tradition, to live the Life, and to inspire those about us with the necessity of living the righteous life, doing unto others that which we wish they should do unto us. Then, if we are deserving of it, the Word – known to us as the Master’s Word – will be revealed, and we shall be exalted, as members of that Undissolving Lodge which is Eternal in the Heavens!

May the God of peace and love delight to dwell with, and bless you.

Huey Allen
WM, Kilwinning Crosse 2-237