Kilwinning Crosse Out To A Fast Start In 2016

Kilwinning Crosse has started the 2016 year running.  During the Stated, the lodge heard the reading of a petition and have since received a second with a third said to be on the way.  The lodge was also visited by RtWor Richard Banker early in the year where the DDGM wished Wor. Tim Lewis a good year in the East.  The brethren at Kilwinning Crosse returned the favor by visiting RtWor Banker’s home lodge of Hudson Morris No 80 the following night.  Lodge No 2-237 easily picked up a fraternal visit with 8 brethren in attendance where their Worshipful Master held an outstanding official visit of our DDGM.

This year, Wor. Tim has begun work to continue our trend towards a more active lodge by empowering the brethren to step forward in sustaining our events and activities.  Our Lodge blood coordinator, Bro. Mike Beale responded by participating in a late-January blood event hosted by Fredericksburg Lodge No 4.  A team of brethren responded in their own way but hosting the year’s first pancake breakfast including set-up, cooking, and clean-up.  Wardens are hold their Wardens’ meetings to ensure a well-governed lodge and events are already being planned.

This is shaping up to be an exciting year for Kilwinning Crosse full of opportunities for brethren to get engaged and for new members to join our masonic family.  We all wish and pray for a good year for our officers, the Worshipful Master, and the brethren of our lodge.  Make sure to visit on the second Monday of every month at 6:30PM for a warm meal and 7:30PM for an outstanding display of masonic ritual, fellowship, and labor.  We look forward to seeing you there!