February 2021 Trestle Board

February 2021 Trestle Board

February 11, 2021 Uncategorized 0

       The Stated Communication is this Monday, February 8th at 7:30 PM.  

        We’re still under the 10-member maximum attendees.  So that means the elections and installation are postponed until the March meeting.

We will have another Zoom call on Monday, February 15th at 7:00 P.M.  It will be a non-tiled meeting and an opportunity for us all to meet up and discuss what’s going on in the Lodge and our lives.  While last month’s Zoom meeting was attended by a grand total of 5 people, it was great seeing some of the brethren who have been physically unable to attend.  I’ll send a reminder with the Zoom information next week.

        As most of you know, Brother Steve Walker’s wife, Carla, was tragically murdered in a botched robbery at their home the day after Christmas.   Please continue to keep him in your prayers.   And please send him an email to steve@carolinemasons.org with your condolences and encouragement during the dark time.

        Due to the efforts and generosity of this Lodge’s members, Masons across the state, and our OES Sisters, we’ve raised over $18,500 to help Bro. Steve in this tumultuous time.  If you’re interested in helping Bro. Steve financially, please donate here: gf.me/u/zd2jjj

        A few members of our Lodge and Frank P. Moncure Lodge traveled out to Bro. Steve’s house two weeks ago to remove some destroyed furniture, patch holes, take out his garbage and box up his Christmas decorations.  Thank you to all of you who have helped.  

        Lodge elections and all ballots are postponed until at least March, when the 10-person occupancy period can be lifted.  The Grand Master believes that holding votes while restricting attendance could unfairly silence a Brother from exercising his rights as a voting member of the Lodge. 

        We still have the old theater chairs in the fellowship room.  Please take any chairs you may want out of the Lodge by April 1st.  Any chairs that remain will be thrown away after that date.  

        Our next practice is Monday, 2/22 at 7:00 PM.  Whether you are an officer, a new member, or an existing member interested in helping out, you’re invited to come.    I don’t remember the last time we needed to worry about over 10 brothers showing up to a practice.  

        As a reminder, here are some of the basic rules we must follow for the meeting:

  • No dinners or refreshments in the Lodge before or after meetings.
  • Brethren must sit 6ft apart on the sidelines. 
  • There is to be no touching or standing in close proximity.  
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory.
  • If you do not feel comfortable coming to the Lodge, please stay home — especially if you or a loved one is a high-risk candidate.
  • If you have any symptoms – even if you think it’s allergies – please do not attend the meeting. 

       Finally, brethren, I’m going to level with you:  This last year has been hard on organizations across the globe – but especially this Lodge.  It’s no secret that both our membership and activity level have been in decline for years prior to COVID.  When we finally get the green light for  regular meetings and activities, I need you to recommit yourself to support this Lodge with your time and energy.