December 2022 Trestle Board

December 2022 Trestle Board

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Happy Anniversary to the Lodge!!
First Chartered December 1, 1755.  267 TODAY!!

 My last Trestle board of 2022 already. 


It has been an interesting year with both plusses (3 newly made Master Masons and 3 EAs) and minuses (the loss of some older Brethren who have passed on to the celestial Lodge and a demit).

November kept us busy with election day, Veterans’ Day and many travelling to visit family for Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a happy one!

On November 10th our Eastern Star Chapter held another, well attended, open house at the Lodge.

After that the Grand Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Virginia was held in Richmond and our new Grand Master, Most Worshipful Donald Ellis Strehle, was duly installed.

The following week started with our Stated Communication which was followed by the Grand Convocation of Royal Arch Masons in Williamsburg. Fredericksburg Royal Arch Chapter 23 was awarded  Claiborne Wilson Award recognizing their proficiency and the new Grand High Priest, Most Excellent Hafford Lee Arritt, Jr., was installed. Congratulations to all Chapter Members!

On the 19th we Initiated yet another new member, Bro. Jesse James Bruce. We are glad to have him join us! The EA Degree was performed by Bro. Shawn Bryar (good job!) and the lecture, yet again, presented by our DEO Wor. Chris Tripp to whom we are greatly indebted.

Thanksgiving rounded out the month and so here we are in December!

This month sees a lot of elections and installations in the District on top of regular work. We will have our regularly scheduled practice on Monday 5th. On the 8th there are two elections, one at Stafford 279 and one at Ashland 168. On the following evening Fredericksburg #4 will conduct their elections – they will be checking dues cards so…

Our Stated Communication will be on December 12th at 7:30PM and will be preceded by an OYSTER DINNER provided by WBs Tommy Wright and Wayne Brooks and very ably assisted at the fryer by Bro. Ted Lambert. The Dinner seems to (Hopefully) be becoming an annual event. Oyster prices are ever on the increase and, as such, we need to ask for a $20 meal donation this year. It will be well worth it as our Brethren are furnishing Oysters in three different forms along with all the necessary accoutrements! I am looking forward to this meal very much indeed! At the Stated we will have Elections of Officers for 2023 along with their Installation which will be conducted by WB David Bennett, Master of Spotsylvania 26. It should be a good night!

The following evening, Dec.13, will be Elections and Installation at Hudson Morris #80 in King George with Elections and Installation for Spotsylvania #26 taking place at their Stated on December 19th.

As a point of interest, December 14th will be the 150th Anniversary of the issuing of the Charter to the Fredericksburg Royal Arch Chapter of which many of our Lodge Brethren are members.

Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year but is being “recognized” on the 26th. (I think that means a day off for Government employees) so we will not have a practice that night.

At present there are no plans for the District School on December 27th but that could change.

Just two December Anniversaries:
 WB Albert Clow III               50 years
WB Tim Lewis             .       10 years

Congratulations !!

We have now received five leads from the Grand View system which are being pursued although none have yet responded. We also have a Lodge Coin available. It is based on Worshipful Joseph Pack’s logo which you see at the top of this email. The second side has information about our first chartered date (267 years ago today) and our Lodge Motto – did you know that we have one? It is Concordia Benevolencia which loosely translated means kind or “Generous Charity”. The coins are $10 each which will go to charity although I will give one to members who attend the December ’22 Stated.

Finally, THANK YOU! I has been my honor to serve as Master of this wonderful, historic Lodge.      Fraternally,

     Richard J. Fisher, Master