4 Degrees, 1 Month

In the past year, Kilwinning Crosse as experienced great growth with the affiliation of 2 new members, the raising of 5 Master Masons, and initiation of another brother who petitioned the lodge just a couple months ago.  For a lodge of less than 90, this growth is an astoundingly good sign of our appeal as an institution and an organization that stands for something appealing to others.

This month, we completed 4 degrees, including 3 Master Mason degrees in 1 day.  Brothers Anthony Prothero, Michael Beale, and Michael Ulrey were raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in due form and with great enthusiasm from the brethren.  The degree took place on Saturday, October 24th and lasted from 11am until 2pm.  Following the degree, the lodge enjoyed a lunch of sandwiches and refreshments bought for the occasion.

With this new blood, our lodge continues to sustain throughout the ages and work towards a better community and better masons.