Lodge Aprons Get Suitable Home

Lodge Aprons Get Suitable Home

August 30, 2015 Lodge News 0

Aprons of Kilwinning Crosse preparing for preservation in acid-free boxes.

Contained within our archives are several historic aprons, one with a provenance claiming to be an apron worn by George Washington on his several visits to our lodge and another showing it to originate from the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1741 which would make it one of the oldest, if not the oldest, apron in the United States.

Last month, a volunteer from Historic Port Royal, Ms. Kerri Holland, surveyed our artifacts and identified several ways we could better preserve these 250+ year old aprons.  Last Sunday, August 30, Holland spent hours constructing boxes and laying out items in our safe for proper storage.  Ultimately, the plan is to have pictures printed and framed of these aprons so that they may be displayed throughout the lodge year-round without risking damage to the items themselves.

While not entirely complete, these efforts go a long way towards preserving the history of Kilwinning Crosse for the enjoyment for generations to come.