Community Engagement

ChildID 14 Mar 2015 1

Brethren from Kilwinning Crosse offer Child ID services free-of-cost to citizens of Caroline County at the 2015 Family Fair.

Kilwinning Crosse strives to advance it’s philanthropic causes both within and without the fraternity.  We offer several services to the community such as Child ID, historical programs, special presentations, and public ceremonies.

The Virginia Child ID Program (Va CHIP) is a free service offered by Virginia Freemasons to the community.  This service provides parents with a paper ID card, digital photos, video, and sound clips of their child.  These services have a myriad of benefits from finding your child at the grocery store to giving rescuers something to reference if disaster strikes.  Our brethren have offered this service for children in their infancy and teenagers who can vote.  It is a wonderful resource for parents and can be renewed as often as services are offered.  Kilwinning Crosse typically offers these services at the annual Bowling Green Harvest Festival as well as other events througout the year.

The lodge has also hosted historical organizations and distinguished guests who have discussed the history of our region, the lodge, and freemasonry in general.  We welcome historical organizations to enjoy our artifacts and portraits and have individuals capable of providing discussions on freemasonry and our lodge history on request.

In addition to formal programs, the brethren of Kilwinning Crosse also support other community needs and events through donations and sponsorship of community events.

There are many ways Kilwinning Crosse serves it’s community.  If you have a need or any interest in receiving our charitable or educational services, please contact us!