Helping a Community in Need; The People of Tappahannock

Helping a Community in Need; The People of Tappahannock

April 12, 2016 Lodge News 0

During our April stated communication, we heard from Dirk Farmer who works with the Rappahannock Electrical Cooperative.  Following the serious storms in late February, many in the Tappahannock community found themselves without a home.  The community responded by donating food, time, and money to the region to assist with the immediate needs.  Now that attentions have turned to rebuilding, substantial challenges face the local community.

One such group is the congregation of St. John’s Baptist, a 145 year old institution which lost it’s building to a tornado.  One can imagine the substantial financial hurdles that are involved in rebuilding a structure which brings justice to a heritage so integral to the region.

The region of Tappahannock is closely linked to the history of the lodge.  Due to the conditions of their charter from the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the Worshipful Master of Kilwinning Crosse authorized the meeting of a lodge in Hobbs’ Hole in 1756.  This lodge consisted of notable names in Virginian Freemason history.  The lodge has long-since been dissolved, likely because all members of the lodge at Hobbs’ Hole were also members of Kilwinning Crosse, but the sense of community throughout the region still exists.

The brethren of Kilwinning Crosse want to help in whatever large or small way they can.  We are currently reaching out to various groups to identify how to best deliver aid to the rebuilding of the 145 year old landmark.  To help boost the project, all proceeds of this Saturday’s pancake breakfast will go towards the reconstruction project. Please give generously in the spirit of our fraternity and service to others.

This would not be the first time the brethren of Kilwinning Crosse responded to regional disaster.  In 1807, a fire swept through Fredericksburg consuming much of their town.  The brethren of Kilwinning Crosse donated $7000 which translates, approximately, to $61,000 in current US dollars.