April 2020 Trestle Board

April 2020 Trestle Board

April 1, 2020 Uncategorized 0

         Well, this year has been… eventful.   I hope you and your families are staying safe.   Honestly, this Trestleboard is a bit late because I don’t have much to report.   

         The governor has issued a “stay-at-home” order until June 10th.   That’s two days after our normal 2nd Monday meeting, so I will be requesting a dispensation to hold our meeting on the following Monday.   Of course, that is dependent on events outside of our control.  Please stay flexible as we work this out.

         We also still have Bro. Jim Taromina waiting to be examined on his EA and receive his FC degree.   I don’t know about Jim, but I could use a week or two of practices to warm back up.   So that will probably happen near the end of June.

         For the HVAC system, we’ve so far raised around $7,000.  Thank you so much.  The committee is still discussing options.  Before the lock down, I met with Rt. Wor. Dan Ford to measure the building for a mini-split system.  One of the benefits of this system is that we may be able to drastically cut down labor costs by volunteering to do some of the less technical parts of the job.  We’ll discuss all of this once we start having meetings again.

  Finally, the officers and I have been calling all the members just to check up on you.   One of the things we’ve found is that our contact lists are in pretty rough shape.  Would you please reply to this email with your phone numbers and current mailing address?